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Mobile Containerised Bagger

Mobile containerised bagging system

Specially designed for port use

Mobile bagging system

Sturdy and safe design

Comtainerised design for good protection

Know details

It is containerised bagging machine, also named Mobile Containerized Bagging System. Mobile bagging machines are flexible and can be utilized either  ship side, to bag directly from the vessel, or in warehouses and are used for bagging grain, rice, sugar, pulses and beans or various  fertilizers, specially manufactured for quantitative packaging of many  kinds of  materials.

Flowing Process:

Manual Bag placing→Automatic filling→Automatic weighing→Automatic bag conveyer→Automatic bag sewing / sealing

【Bag Materials】: laminated poly woven bag, kraft paper bag, pp woven bag, pe bag, jute bag and mesh bag

【Solutions for】: rice, wheat, corn, grain, fertilizer, sugar, Alumina powder, sulfur,etc.

Main Structure

1. Automatic filling bagging system            2.Automatic weighing balance

3. Automatic belt conveyor                         4.Automatic sewing / sealing machine   

5. Electric control cabinet 

Technical Parameters            


Working Video

Typical Case


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