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Valve Bag Filling Machine

LCS-FK-5 Valve bag filler

Impeller & screw dosing


Suitable for powders with low density and high production

Clean bag filling due to well sealed filling nozzle and dust-collector access

High weight accuracy due to the use of the advanced weighing controller

Cost saving due to low operation and maintenance costs

Easy handling, easy cleaning and maintenance

Optional: Touch screen interface/Dust collection system/Stainless steel 304/316L for contact parts with materials/Belt conveyor/Palletizing system

Know details

LCS-FK-5 Series Valve bag filling machine is designed for powders with low density and high production


First, insert the bag valve into filling spout, then material goes into packing machine’s buffer hopper, then material will be dosed by impeller and screw with fine and coarse feeding into bags. The loading cell measures the weight of material and send signal to controlling system once the target weight is reached. Finally the bag clamping device will release the bag and filled bag can be moved out manually or automatically.

Bag materials: Kraft paper valve bag, poly valve bag

Solutions for:  Heavy calcium carbonate, talcum powder, anti-caking agent, precipitated white carbon black, graphite, resin, putty powder.

Technical Parameters

Model: LCS-FK-5

Weighing Range: 1-5,5-10,10-25,25-50kg/bag

Packing Capacity: 200-300bags/hour

Precisions: +0.2%F.S.

Power Supply: 220V/380V,50HZ,1P/3P (Customized)

Power consumption: 4kw

Machine Weight: 500kg

Dimension (L*W*H): 1000*1000*2000mm (Can be customized according to your site)

Machine Video

Typical Case


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