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Form Fill and Seal Baggers (FFS)

Multihead Weigher Packing Machine

High Speed

Consists of Z type bucket elevator, Multihead weighing system, bagging machine, finished product conveyor

Fully automatically complete the whole procedure: feeding, weighing, bagging, date printing, finished product outputting

Can make pillow or Gusseted bags

Easy and economic installation and operation

Easy to change bag sizes

Low noise and clean working environment

Optional:Checking weigher/ Metal detector/ Turntable

Know details

It's suitable for weighing slice, roll or regular shape products such as sugar, salt, seed, rice, sesame, glutamate, milk powder, coffee powder and seasoning powder, etc. Multihead Weigher Packing Machine has several sets of linear weighing heads to meet higher packing speed, which can form-fill-seal pillow bag or gusseted bags automatically.

Technical Parameters 

Machine Video

Typical Case


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