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Batching Mixing System

Bulk and Micro batching weighing system

For bulk material and micro material batching dosing

Meet different production output

High-precision screwing dosing

Made of stainless steel 304 to prevent corrosion

International brands components

Data export of Data management, recipe management, production management, production reports

Know details

Bulk and Micro batching weighing systems are widely used in the ingredients and mixing operations of different kinds of materials in flour, feed, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, food, chemical and other industries. Batching scale structure is reasonable, by feeding auger, feed port, scale body and other components. Feeding port through the soft connection and feeding equipment mating combination into one, forming a closed combination.
The device has a standard communication interface and a variety of recording capabilities, print real-time reports and a variety of records. Can output production, Nissan, monthly data and other reports. Balancing scale user interface with; with the host computer with the operation, the host computer operating all the finished menu prompts steps. The operation interface can display process flow chart, recipe number, recipe weight, actual ingredient weight, ingredient error, mixing time, trace adding prompt and reply, equipment operation status and fault information.


Technical Parameter

Silo capacity: 0.18 cubic meters, 0.35 cubic meters, 0.8 cubic meters, 1 cubic; carrier warehouse 1 cubic, 2 cubic meters;
Spiral shell: 3mm stainless steel
Motor power: 1.5KW, 2.2KW; dust collector fan 0.37KW;
Secondary premix mixer power: 37.5KW, 55KW;
Incremental production: 20 batches / hour

Reduced production: 30 batches / hour;
Weighing indicator shows graduation value: 1g, 2g, 5g, 10g;
Weighing accuracy: static: ≤ + 0.1%;Dynamic: + 0.2%;Total: + 0.3%

Typical Case   



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