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Automatic Bagging Machine

automatic sugar bagging machine


High weight accuracy due to the use of the advanced weighing controller

PLC with user-friendly, touch-sensitive operator interface for easy troubleshooting and error code reading

Combined with different bag sealing machines

Optional: Bag pusher and flattener; Weight checker; Metal detector; Inkjet printer; Automatic palletizer magazine; Pallet wrapper; palleting system;

Know details

       LCS-MZDP Series is a fully automatic packing machine for open-mouth bags with high degree. The sugar packaging machine can be used for packaging of bags with various materials, particularly for woven bags with plastic coating. The packaging lines have been well received in Thailand SIAM Company, one of the largest rice processing factories in the world. The packaging line is composed if automatic weighing packaging machine, automatic packaging machine, mesh-belt conveyor, bag feeding machine, reversing bag flattener and control system, etc. 

        A whole set of processing procedures including materials transmission, weighing, filling, packaging, bag flattening, sealing , sewing and conveying can be finished by the machines. Our machines can be made to order and designed according to customer’s requirement.

【Bag Materials】: coated poly woven bag, multi-layer kraft paper bag, PE bag

【Solutions for】: sugar, granular sugar, white sugar, sugar powder,salt,etc.

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