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How to check my dust collector is working properly?

November 2, 2016

Firstly, look at the operation of your hoods. If your dust collector is in not a new installation then you should have a baseline of how your hoods should be functioning. If you have a more fugitive dust than normal escaping than this is an indication that the flow in that hood or your system is lower than normal and the system not working correctly. A good marker on whether or not there is more fugitive dust is if there is dust piling up on adjacent flat surfaces. If there is, then the hoods are leaking.

Secondly, check is inside your ducting. The system should have been designed so that material travels at the optimal speed and the dust does not settle out in the ducting. If you have dust settling in your ducting then this is also a good indication that your system is not running as it should.

Finally, see what is coming out of your dust collector into the collection device or into the recoup system. If the system is not discharging anything, than one of two things is happening. The dust collector is either not collecting any dust (which is why there is so much fugitive dust at the hoods) or the material is not emptying off the filter media. To tell which is happening check the dust collector differential pressure gauge. This is an indicator of how clean or dusty the bags are the dust collector. If the pressure is much higher than the normal operating pressure than likely the material is building up inside the dust collector.

These are a few fast ways of checking to see if your dust collection system is functioning as it should.  There are many reasons for the above to be happening, but they all give lead back to the same place: issues with the dust collection system. These issues will require further investigation to get to the bottom of the dust collector.

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