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Hi-Tech Packing Complex for ‘Ultra-Pure’ Carbon Black packing machine

November 1, 2016

Growth in demand from China for their ultra-fine chemicals meant that our client needed to dramatically increase their processing capacity and achieve greater efficiency through economies of scale. Therefore, they decided to invest about $20m in a new Carbon Black packing machine to quadruple throughout.

The challenge is carbon black’s low density and dusty. To prevent its dust to fly, our engineer chose vacuum feeding method to feed the Carbon Black packing machine. This Carbon Black packing machine is especially designed for packing fine powder materials that easy dusty and for high precision packaging requirements. The computer will make comprehensive analysis according to the weight sensor signal and command to complete the bag clamping section elevating, two-speed filling, weighing metering, bag release and bag transportation and so on.


After manual bag putting ready, the bag clamping section will rapidly rise to the set height (due to the auger tube is not moving, then the bag bottom to auger tube discharging spout just over 10 cm around in height, blanking effectively prevent dust that due to high fall caused dust and spray material), during fast feeding, the bag clamping section will slowly decline and still keep the over 10cm blanking height, when carbon black packaging machine turn into the slow feeding process, the bag clamping section will nearly down to the set position. Because the materials fall height is short, the balance amount is very small too, that greatly improving the weighing and packaging accuracy. After the weighing finished, it automatically release the bag, meanwhile, the bag holding section will hold the bag to prevent the dumping of the bag, and the bag conveyor start to transport the bag away, then the bag holding section will loosen the holding arms and reset, and then the conveyor stop, enter the next weighing packing cycle. This Carbon Black packing machine is very suitable for packaging additives, Toner powder, carbon black powder, dry powder, fire extinguishers powder, other ultra-fine powder, and other powders that needs high-precision packaging requirements.

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