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How to operate the electrical system of a automatic palletizer machine

July 31,2018

How to operate the electrical system of a automatic palletizer machine


The electrical control system of the full automatic packing palletizer includes the central processing unit and its expansion unit, the inspection unit, the operation and the display unit, the control element and the performing component.

Operation and display unit as the operation interface of the equipment, PLC automatically circulates the current status of each input and output point, accepts operation instructions from the operator and indicates the operating condition of the equipment; inspection element checks the position of the material bag, tray, tray, and the operation condition of each single element, and determines according to the procedure.

The logic relationship updates the status of the output points, through the switch off communication contactor and the reversing solenoid valve to control the motor start and stop and cylinder movements, and then complete the whole process of control.

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