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Daily maintenance of feed packaging machines/feed bagger

November 1, 2016

1.The measurement part should be cleaned in time when stop feed packaging machine. For granules and other high-sugar content of packaging materials, it should be ensure that the turntable and the material door are cleaned every shift.

. Often clean the sealing part, in order to ensure the finished product packaging bags sealed lines clear.

. All scattered materials should be promptly cleaned to keep the parts clean, in order to extend the service life.

. Often clean the photoelectric switch light head, in order to ensure feed packaging machine reliable work.

.Regular cleaning of the dust inside the electrical control box to prevent short circuit or poor electrical and other electrical failure.


. Regular inspection of various parts of the screw, may not have loose phenomenon.

. The electrical part of the attention to water, moisture, corrosion, rodent control. Ensure that the electrical control box and wiring terminal at the clean, to avoid causing electrical failure.

. Shut down feed packaging machine when the two sealing clappers are open to prevent scalding of packaging materials, and extend the life of heat sealing.

. Regular adding oil lubrication to the gear meshing, with Block bearing oil hole and the moving parts, once a class.

. Reducer is strictly prohibited oil-free operation, the first 300 hours of operation. Clean the internal replacement of the new oil, then 2500 hours of oil for each job filling oil, please be careful not to oil droplets in the transmission belt to prevent loss caused by slippery belt or belt premature aging damage

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